Safety switches

Bremas safety switches, designed for applications related to the protection of automated installations, are available in 4 different series: with reset, pull-wire, 5 way key and for hinge actuation.
Actuators are made in metal or thermoplastic material, while the casing can be – according to the series – either in PA6 thermoplastic with glass-fiber or in die cast metal alloy.
Maximum versatility is guaranteed by the adjustable actuators in steps of 90°, by the lever adjustment every 10° (5° phase shift on requst) for 360° and by the lever activation to the left or right only or in both directions.IP66 Protection Degree.
safty switches with reset
With reset
key actuated
pull wire
Pull wire
For hingles
Overview – [ 6 MB – pdf ]

Rail transport industry


Bremas is specialized in the design and manufacturing of customized cam switches suitable for various applications in the rail transport.
Bremas solutions are used for a large variety of applications such as Lights, Lanterns, Air conditioning & Heating systems, Doors and many others.

Main characteristics:

  • IP20 or IP00 terminal protection degree
  • Several mounting versions:
    • With Standard ring quick mounting Ø22
    • With Stainless steel ring & flush panel quick mounting Ø22
    • With handle & plate
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Customized control shaft
  • V0 self-extinguishing plastic material
  • In according with shocks and vibrations standard IEC EN 61373
  • In according with requirements for fire safety (for electrical equipment) standard UNI EN 45545
safety switches in every railways controls