Universal measuring instruments are applied for measuring, recording and monitoring of electrical values in low and middle voltage networks. The measurement is rated for 1 and 3 phase systems with or without neutral.

These instruments are featuring high accuracy, compact design, and measuring of harmonic currents / voltages for all phases.
Universal measuring instruments replace up to 15 other devices, such as ammeters, voltmeters, voltmeter-switches, power meters (kW, kVA, kvar und cos phi), active / reactive power counters, harmonic analysers, measuring converters, hour counters, etc.

Therefore the costs for the planning, installation, wiring and storage can be significantly reduced in comparison to analogue measuring instruments.

TNM96 ETN & TNM 160-230-300 Series

The TNM96 is a compact, highly accurate 0.2% (0.1 optional), three-phase multifunction meter with additional CT input for differential current measurement.

The TNM160 is a universal multifunction measuring device with two channels of three phases each for DIN rail mounting. Up to six single-phase or two three-phase feeders can be measured via six current transformer inputs.

The TNM230 is a universal multifunction measuring device with 8 channels of three phases each.

The TNM300 is a universal multifunction meter with 12 channels of three phases each.

TNM300 includes history data logging up to 4 months and supports standard communication protocols BACnet and Modbus with simple integration into building management systems over RS485 or Ethernet TCP.

TNM96 Series

TNM96 measures important electrical parameters in 3 phase 4 Wire, 3 phase 3 Wire and 1 phase Network and replaces the multiple analog panel meters. It measures electrical parameters like AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency and many more. The instrument also has an optional limit switch.

CMM Series

Advanced equipment - Optimal Solution.