¤ Description

A Web-based Mini-SCADA for Power Monitoring, Demand Control and Report Generation
Power Controller is designed for modern industrial sites, commercial facilities and utilities power management. By integration of power monitoring, demand control, power quality analysis, report generation and communication, Power Controller fulfills all daily power management requirements. Power Controller combines the state of art embedded system with information networking technologies, a high performance power supervisory control system can be built at a fairly low cost.


Power Controller – Embedded Instrumentation

» Features
  • Power Controller is widely used for power monitoring and control in factory and building.
  • Manage up to 16 units of power meter.
  • Rich electricity parameters and power quality display for main and sub-feeder meter.
  • Power Controller is easy integrated with 3rd party supervisory control system.
  • Remote power monitoring and control via intranet/internet.
  • Electricity demand control with 16 channel load shedding.
  • Multi-tariff management with TOU (Time-of-Use rate).
  • Built in web server remote monitoring and control & data download.
  • Automatic report and alarm status sending by E-mail.
  • Front USB host port for data backup and program download.

PM3000 Data Sheet

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