About Us

Arch Meter Corporation, a unique company invested and in technology, supported by Prolific (IC designer) and ITRI (the largest technology research institute in Taiwan), was founded to provide electronic meters, demand-side management equipment. Arch Meter owns key IC components and the system products. We welcome cooperation through technology license, ODM, or agency. At Arch Meter, we believe that through the integration of metering, communication, and control, we can create enough value to share with you to challenge the future power environment.

Arch Meter is a new product oriented company, committed to pushing the forefront technology and providing the innovative customer-focused and cost effective integrated products to fulfill the need of future power management.


Embedded Instrumentation - Power measurement instrument


Power Controller



Smart Power Meter



Multi-Function Power Meter



Clip-on CT Power Meter


PA33 / PA34

Compact Smart Power Meter



Multi Circuit Power Meter



Single Phase Meter IC


Electronic Energy Meter


Single Phase Energy Meter – ANSI Type



Three Phase Multifunction Electricity Meter



Single Phase Pre-Payment Meter


Single Phase Energy Meter –

IEC Type


AMI Concentrator

Auto registration to center station



The features of our system applications are as below:
● Planning the most efficient solutions in accordance with variety solutions
● Integration:demand control、scheduling、power monitoring, power usage reports, energy saving control……so on.
● Flexibility: It can expand the application to water、fire and security monitoring. (Especially for the users need large-scale multi-task solutions).
● It has built-in network information integrated functions, can easily realize remote monitor and control.
● We researches and develops our own product series. Our products are made in Taiwan and also certificated by CE, LVD, FCC…… so on.

Large-scale multi-tasks solutions

¤ Features:
  • Demand control, scheduling control, power quality, power usage reports, network information integration.
  • Suitable for users which have more complicated requirement; for example: large sized campuses, factories, hospitals…etc.

Middle and Small scale power monitor solution

¤ Features:
  • Demand control, scheduling control, power quality, TOU (Time-Of-Use) management, Power consumption trend, Power usage reports, Web-based supervisory control.

  • Suitable for middle and small size factories, middle and small size schools, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, chain stores…..so on. For those users which focus on power monitor management.

Paid-by-Users solution

¤ Features:
  • Individual metering charge, Charged by cards, Power usage records, Scheduling control and Network information integration.

  • Suitable for dormitories, classrooms, business office……so on. For users who focus on individual metering charge and need individual power usage management.

Arch Meter Corporation is a High Quality Electronic Measuring Meter Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Pre-payment Meter, Electronic Meter and Electricity Meter with durable quality and good price. Our company has been specializing in producing Smart Energy Meter for many years; superior quality is guaranteed. We also supply Single Phase Multi-function Electricity Meter and Three Phase Electricity Meter with good quality.