Dealing with the needs of the market, aiming to technological, commercial, and service excellence has always distinguished MTECVIET as a company of quality.

MTECVIET  is a company based in VIETNAM. Established in 2008, we have been dedicating to power measurement technology based on sustainability, innovation, research, and development.

MTECVIET  adheres to the philosophy of “ Corporate Sustainability ” and the principle of quality control management on the basis of “Do it Right, Do it Better for the first time ”.

We are also a distributor of various manufacturers in the world and provide a complete line of products including Analog and digital panel meters, AC power transducers, DC signal isolated transmitters, power factor controllers, multifunction power meters, protection relays, MCTs, PCTs, MVCT, Industrial Plugs & Sockets, Smarthome devices, Switching & Protection devices, Fiber-glass enclosure, cable tray, eMobility Charger, customized products, and power products.

MTECVIET‘s achievement is guided by the principles of ” Service, Innovation, and Integrity. “ With sustainability-oriented innovation techniques, we sincerely serve all customers in honesty and responsibility, and furthermore we will do our best to cultivate Vietnam while reaching out to overseas markets.

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Our Product Range

Pressure Measurements

Series Pressure Transmitter | Differential Transmitters | Submersible Level Probes | Ultrasonic Level Transmitters | Differential Pressure Transmitters


HVAC – Series Gass Pressure Sensors

Differential Pressure Transmitter | Flow Transmitter | Pressure Switches | Air Flow and Velocity Transmitter | CO2 Transmitter


IoT Power Measurements

AC/DC Wireless CTs | Temp. Wireless | Wireless Gateway | Tools set for Current Meter | EGreen Solution


MTECVIET đã và đang cung cấp thiết bị, giải pháp cho các lĩnh vực với sản phẩm hiệu năng cao.