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Multifunction meters are used in monitoring and measurement of a number of key power parameters including active power, current, voltage, power factor, reactive power, and other power quality measurements. Exact measurement of power by the multifunction meter is critical in redressing a number of issues in electrical networks or electronic equipment. Digital energy meters display accurate power consumption and make it possible for businesses to save costs by identifying and plugging wastage of power. In that light, it is very important to choose a quality multifunction meter.
Multifunction meters from Newtek measure key power parameters, and simultaneously display 3 parameters on their LCD or LED displays. They are enabled with MODBUS ports for logging data to PCs or SCADA. Some multifunction meters possess single or multiple digital outputs, relays or open collector transistor outputs for alarm or overload protection. Mounted on panels for easy visibility of information to users, multifunction meters display, measure, record, and control electrical consumption. Digital display of multifunction energy meters makes it easy for common consumer to easily access and comprehend their power consumption data.

Advantages of a multifunction meter.

Precise and accurate power measurement

Multifunction meters measure power consumption precisely and accurately to the minute details. This offers consumers such as households as well as businesses a chance to monitor and use power more economically. Newtek multifunction meters are capable of measuring true RMS up to 15th harmonic. The meters are also equipped with analog load bar graph indicating the percentage of average current. The device shows trend of average current in analog fashion.

Monitor vital PQ parameters

Multifunction meter is capable of monitoring a number of power quality parameters. This includes the quality of current, voltage, power factor, as well as harmonics among others. Thus, using multifunction meters helps consumers quickly identify and redress a number of power quality issues. A communication LED for MODBUS can be added on the front panel of Newtek multifunction meters to monitor status of MODBUS communication.

Onsite programming

Newtek Digital meters are fully programmable to measure AC current in single or 3-phase (4-wire, 3-wire, 2-wire, networks) system, along with CT/PT primary, CT secondary (1A or 5A) and PT secondary (100 VLL to 500 VLL)

Protection measures

Newtek Ace series multifunction meters are equipped with a pass-through current transformer. This feature provides protection against opening of secondary terminals of external CT.