Compact Multi-Function Power Meter - pa3


Compact Multi-Function Power Meter

 • Three-phase (single-phase) functional power meter with power parameter measurement, monitoring
and communication
 • High accuracy, V.I. better than 0.2%, Wh better than 0.5%
 • Optional in load profile function, can store real time data
 • Optional in DO for pulse or alarm output
 • Easy to operate, LCD with 4-stage backlight adjustments
 • Supports With RS485 and Modbus communication protocol
 • Standard DIN 96*48 compact size, equipped with four clips to attach the meter onto the sheet metal

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PA3 is a high-accuracy multi-function meter that provides wide range of power parameter measurements and can be applied to the power monitoring of general single-phase and three-phase systems. With Its compact size, easy installation, and low cost make PA3 suitable for modern electricity monitoring and load investigation.