Các ưu điểm của biến dòng với vỏ Nylon.

Current transformers are measuring devices that accurately represent high-level current in low voltage so that it becomes safe and easy to measure. Apart from being a leading manufacturer and supplier of current transformers and electrical meters, Mtecviet is focused on introducing new innovations that make measurement and control of power more efficient and cost-effective. Our new nylon-case transformers bring you these advantages and more.

Here are 5 major advantages of nylon case transformers

Higher temperature tolerance

Nylon case current transformers use Nylon Flame Retardant Material (Nylon 66). Thus, they can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees C. and VCAT softening temperature of around 240 degrees C. On the other hand, ABS material used for conventional transformers can withstand only around 110 degrees C.

Higher durability

Current transformers often fall down in the course of mounting or handling activity. This leads to cracks or complete breaking of the components. Replacing them entails considerable time, and costs. Nylon casing CTs do not develop such cracks of breaks. The tough nylon material absorbs the impact from fall and protects the current transformer located inside.

Higher convenience and shorter lead time

Nylon casing current transformers are lighter, easier to mount than conventional current transformers. Secondly, the manufacturing cycle time of nylon casing CT is more than that of resin cast. We also upgrade our standard models with nylon casing to ensure more durability and performance.

Compact design

In some cases, it becomes difficult to install conventional current transformers in pre-designed panels. Nylon cast transformers are designed to resolve this issue. Newtek nylon casing current transformers have much lesser outside diameter than any other conventional CT. Thus, our nylon casing transformers occupy much lesser space.

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