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Symptoms of harmonics in your systems

The hidden enemy is more dangerous than the one fighting up front!

In your battle to achieve quality-power, it is important that you understand the hidden enemy that stays in your own system and eats into it. The Harmonics generated in your system. The harmonics generated in the power system can inflict damage upon your equipment besides contributing to financial losses. But when minimized through regular monitoring, good power quality can deliver huge benefits in the form of savings and enhanced performance across equipment.

5 symptoms of Harmonics in your systems

1. Harmonics cause interruptions, interference and downtime

2. Harmonics pollute the electrical network and make equipment connected to it behave erratically.

3. Harmonics can cause a lot of nuisance. From the damage to sensitive electronic equipment, disturbances in communication devices, and faulty measurements and readings, heating of electrical devices and much more. 

4. At a distribution level, Harmonics can lead to the tripping of protective devices such as circuit breakers, fuses and failure of capacitors in filters and energy storage devices. 

5. The effects of harmonics also include overheating of transformers, cables, motors, generators and capacitors. 

Solving Harmonics

First, it requires a strategy. There may not be one solution, but an array of things that you may have to put in place.

Equipment design can tolerate harmonics to a large extent. But there needs to be a balance as oversizing leads to higher investments and underutilized capacity. Solutions such as harmonic filters, meeting the standards for power distribution, protective devices.

Avoid Harmonics to avoid…

…increased energy losses, shorter life-cycle of equipment, loss of productivity due to interruptions and penalties from utility companies for non-compliance.