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On December the 3th 2018, the ADAC, Europe’s largest automobile association with around 20 million members, published the results of its wall box product test. Twelve wall boxes from international manufacturers with charging capacities from 3.7 to 22 kW were tested. Reliability during charging, safety and ease of use were put to the test in this comparison of the different systems.

The eMH1 Wallbox by ABL received top ratings for all three criteria. The report also emphasized as a positive that the eMH1 Wallbox does not require additional residual current protection. The Wallbox is pre-installed ready for connection, so there are no hidden additional costs. All electric vehicles tested by ADAC were able to be charged easily at the eMH1 Wallbox. The result is unambiguous: With a top mark of 1.0, the eMH1 Wallbox by ABL is the winner.

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Wallbox eMH1 in private garage

Wallbox eMH1 parking garage Norway with 44 charging points

Wallbox eMH1 in place on the private parking lot

Underground car park Bærum, Norway with 100 charging points


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