Relay bảo vệ Quá/Thấp áp tự đóng lại- O/UV Auto Power Reclosing S8-300


  • Breaker open / close indicator.
  • Real – time voltage 4 digits LED display.
  • Programmable adjustment for voltage transfomer ratio.
  • Setting value protected by password.
  • Local display of data recorded at the moment of a fault.
  • Line RMS voltage measurement.
  • ON / OFF / Buzzer relay contact output.
  • With RS 485 output.
  • Immunity test according to IEC 255 standards.
  • Outside dimension compatible for DIN standards (144x144mm)
  • Intemal fault detection.


  • 27-Line under voltage relay with definite time delay.
  • 59-Line over voltage relay with definite time.
  • 79-Auto reclosing relay with definete time.
  • Reclosing count down time with internal buzzer and contacts output.
  • Disable reclosing external lock.

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