A choke is an inductor that is utilized to block high frequency i.e. Harmonics in a circuit while allowing lower frequencies to pass through.
A choke (or line reactor) is a coil of wire around a magnetic core that creates a magnetic field when current flows through it. This magnetic
field increases the impedance of the line and reduces the total harmonic content injected from the drive onto the facilities electrical system.

What is an AC Choke?

AC Reactor Chokes are specially designed for lowering the cable lengths in those applications where the distance from drive to load exceeds
25 meters. Installed on the variable frequency drive, either on its input (line) or output (load) side, these reactor chokes ensure impedance
matching, di/dt and harmonic mitigation. AC line reactors are added to the input of the drive and placed in series with the incoming line.
They help to mitigate harmonics and because they are between the line and the drive, they are able to act as a buffer for surges and other

Detuning factor: 5% , 7%
Rating: 5 KVAr, 10 KVAr, 20 KVAr, 25 KVAr, 50KVAr, 100 KVAr.

MKE cung cấp cuộn kháng chất lượng đến quý khách hàng

Tapping’s: As per request

Rated Voltage: 380V to 1 KV
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Linearity: 200%
Ambient Temperature: 50° C
Insulation Material: CU
Temperature rise: 90° C
Protection: IP 20/As per request
Applicable Standard: IS-5553-1990

+ Long functional life
+ Safe to use
+ Sturdy design
+ High performance
+ Ability to reduce the current and voltage
+ Stresses on the input rectifier bridge Over-voltage restriction
+ Available in single and three phases
+ Better protection of the drive
+ Improvement of low-frequency conduction emission and sensitivity

* 3%, 5% & 7% Impedance
* 50 Hz to > 5 kHz VFD’s
* Line & Load applications
* Submersible pumps in oil well Process plants with output (load) chokes
* VFD’s – Yasakawa, Mitsubhishi, Siemens, Allan Bradlley, ABB,
*Fuji, Danfoss, LG and Control Techniques

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Cuộn kháng được chúng tôi cung cấp có 2 dòng:

  1. Nhập khẩu chính hãng với chất lượng được kiểm soát phù hợp yêu cầu Việt nam.

           Lõi từ làm từ loại Ferrerit CRGO từ thông cao, chịu nhiệt cao, giải nhiệt tốt.

           Dây quấn là Đồng (Cu) giúp hoạt động mát hơn, tiết diện nhỏ hơn.

       2. Sản xuất trong nước: được thiết kế và sản xuất tại Việt Nam. Thử nghiệm tại phòng thí nghiệm trường địa học có uy tính và kiểm tại trung tâm kiểm định độc lập.

           – Lõi từ làm từ loại Ferrerit CRGO từ thông cao, chịu nhiệt cao, giải nhiệt tốt.

           – Dây quấn là Đồng (Cu) giúp hoạt động mát hơn, tiết diện nhỏ hơn. 

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Our prudently designed DC Chokes are suitably utilized in industrial machinery power systems for filtering the power supply. These chokes
are made sturdily by making use of optimum grade copper wires terminal blocks and electrical steel laminations. To ensure low power loss,
the laminations used in these chokes are electrical grade CRGO. This choke range maximizes the circuit inductance in the electric and
electronic circuits.
Rating: Customized Available
Applicable Standard: IS-5553-1990

MKE cung cấp cuộn kháng chất lượng


  • Excellent power filtration
  • Make sure no damage to input rectifiers from in-rush current
  • Improvise low frequency conduction emission
  • Overload protection
  • Reduce current-voltage stress
  • Excellent protection to motor drive
  • Lowers harmonic distortion
  • Compacted design


  • Power Electronic Systems
  • Rectifier Modules
  • Servo Drives
  • DC Bus Systems
  • Di / dt Smoothening units
  • AC Ripple Reduction Systems

When to use an AC or DC Choke and why?

A variable frequency drive (VFD), being a non-linear load, is a source of harmonics on the power line. Harmonic current causes additional
heating of the transformer and cabling to the VFD, which reduces the capacity of the cable and transformer. An AC line reactor or DC link
reactor (DC Choke) is used to mitigate the impact of harmonics in VFD applications.

Prior to selecting an ac line reactor or a dc link reactor for mitigating the impact of harmonics in VFD applications, it is prudent to carefully
review the advantages and shortcomings of both and select the one that is better for that particular application.

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